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Linda S. 12/14/19

Sindi was the BEST ever!! I had the massage for my fibromyalgia and other multiple medical issues and she was very attentive to all the problem areas. I have never felt so relaxed and overall at peace afterwards. Since I have been reluctant to getting a massage as I always feared it would make fibro worse, I'm regretting not ever having them. She also performed some Reiki for healing energy during session. I can't wait for my next appointment for my healing journey of 22 years of being in chronic pain. Love this place and so glad I went there!!!

Lori H. 12/5/19

The massages here are the best. Peaceful and relaxing. I have gone to a chiropractor for 30 plus years for generalized aches and pain. After having regular massages here I have seen the chiropractor once. I’m thrilled I have never felt this good in a long time. Thanks is not enough.

Melinda R. 11/30/19

Been a client for over a year. Sindi does a great job! Very professional and always knows exactly what to do to take good care of me! I highly recommend her to anyone with any type of medical issues or who just wants a really good massage.

Cathy G. 11/28/19

I love Body Balance these guys are the best! I felt so good after my massage! Their office space is also beautiful!

Theresa S. 11/25/19

Sindi is by far the best massage therapist I have ever gone to! I get a massage once a month , and it has changed my life. Highly recommend Body Balance Massage.

Sherry K. 11/23/19

I love the massage experience I receive when going to Body Balance Massage. Sindi & Jesse are very attentive, caring, & sensitive to each individuals pain/relaxation needs. The care they provide is one of the best in Dubuque. Keep up the great work!

Luke M. 11/14/19

It was extremely calming and fixed my neck pain right up, Jesse and Sindi are working miracles at Body Balance Massage

Natalie M. 11/1/19

BEST massage on the planet!

Malinda M. 10/12/19

Jesse was very attentive to listen to and address my pain areas, the atmosphere was amazing, and was by far the best massage I've ever had. I felt so relaxed I fell asleep halfway into the massage. I've already booked my next appointment. 5 star service!

JoAnn R. 9/3/19

Just had THE BEST massage by Sindi. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Highly recommended!

Zak F. 6/22/19

Decided to try something new and booked my first couples massage for me and my wife. We had a great experience and left very relaxed thanks to Sindi and Jesse. Thanks again!

Lexi H. 6/1/19

I had a massage with Jesse and it was incredible! Super professional and super helpful! I would definitely recommend!

Chrystal B. 4/4/19

I have been going through a hard time which Jesse knew and suggested a Relaxation Massage. I have had many massages over the years, I try to go every 6 months, purely because my body has a never ending healing cycle, so, I have never had a “Relaxation Massage”. I jumped at the opportunity and Jesse was very accommodating and explained the entire process to me before, during, and after the massage. Having an emotional release during a massage was foreign to me. He helped guide me through everything. It was a one of a kind experience that I desperately needed and appreciated during a hardship in my life. I will definitely be returning for all my massage needs. Life is too short to not learn how to relax. I had no idea what an amazing result a relaxation massage could have. I am convinced it’s just as supportive in mental and emotional healing as it is in physical healing, such an amazing relaxation technique for me! Thank you Jesse. I look forward to seeing you again!

Kristin L. 3/16/19

Sindi is an exceptional massage therapist and I always feel very comfortable and at ease during my appointments. I go about once a month for pain relief, it helps me feel better for weeks. I highly recommend Body Balance Massage.

Amy B. 3/14/19

I received my first massage from Sindi today, and it definitely will not be my last! it was by far the best professional massage i have ever received! thanks Sindi! looking forward to my next appointment

Kelly M. 2/27/19

Fell on the ice twice in three weeks. Had horrific shoulder and back pain unrelieved with numerous treatment attempts. Had a therapeutic massage with Jesse today and the pain is literally gone! Highly recommend Body Balance Massage!

Luke M. 11/14/18

Sindi was amazing with fixing the pain I had in my neck, the space is very welcoming and calm and your treated like royalty at Body Balance :)

William S. 11/12/18

Sindi and Jesse truly care about your health and well being. They will listen to your needs, ask questions and offer not only helpful advice but offer the best in medical massage therapy to help you be your best every day. I can't recommend them enough to family and friends looking for options in their personal care.

Rebecca L. 11/5/18

I have just finished my swedish massage with Sindi. She does an exquisite job of taking my worries and aches away. Highly recommend this sweet and kind soul to make you feel better.

Kara M. 10/25/18

The space that Sindi and Jesse have created is absolutely breathtaking. The care that has been into every aspect of it is incredibly evident making the space alone worth every penny. On top of the incredibly peaceful surroundings you will experience, Sindi and Jesse are both very caring and determined to make every client comfortable. I had my first massage ever with Sindi and she completely put me at ease and I loved every minute of it! I could not recommend this business more. Best massage therapists in Dubuque without a doubt.

Jeremiah M. 10/22/18

Had my first massage here and never had a massage before and I'm a bit of an awkward person but they made me feel comfortable and helped with pain that I've had for a long time in my back/neck I would strongly suggest this place for a massage! A++

Megan S. 10/22/18

Jesse and Sindi have created the ultimate environment to relax, recharge and give your body the care it needs. I see them at least once or twice a month to help my body deal with everyday stresses. You will not regret checking out Body Balance Massage!!

Maggie D. 10/20/18

Sindi always makes me feel like a new person when I see her. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the body and has helped me with my knotted shoulders, mid-back pains and even relieves pressure from my sinuses when they are clogged. I always try to shoot for a morning appointment because I know that the rest of my day will be delightful after an hour session with her!

William S. 10/5/18

Just had my first massage with Sindi and it was wonderful. Great environment and wonderful healing energy. Can’t wait to go back.

Deborah M. 10/2/18

Sindi was a blessing during my first pregnancy. She recommended stretches and pillow positions to help me adjust to side sleeping in the second trimester. Then I had sciatic nerve pain in the third trimester - and it was amazing what a difference she was able to make improving the discomfort!

Katherine F. 10/1/18

I have never experienced such a safe , loving , and nurturing environment . Sindi and Jesse have truly created a space for healing . If you’re looking to hit the reset button and need TLC , this is the place to get one of the best massages you’ve ever had . You will be so glad you made an appointment . Thank you for giving me peace .

Austin M. 9/30/18

I work my body pretty hard in the gym and constantly need knots worked out they do a great job and I'd vouch for Sindi and Jesse all day, having had massages multiple times with both of them this is the best massage place around guaranteed!

Kara M. 9/30/18

The space is truly one of a kind, and I always leave the table feeling genuinely cared for. Sindi and Jesse are definitely the best in Dubuque!!

Megan S. 9/30/18

Both Sindi and Jesse are amazing massage therapists. You will feel the compassionate knowledge and strength in their hands. I always leave feeling like my mind and body have been reset

Theresa S. 9/29/18

Sindi and Jesse are the only medical massage therapists in dubuque. They have experience and knowledge to help with pain. Monthly massage has changed my life , attitude and general well being.

Rose G.L. 9/4/18

Sindi's technique really helps to release the tension and achiness after having chemo treatments. It also helps me to mentally relax and increase my energy level both physically and mentally. Sindi's massage provides an overall feeling of wellness and balances the effect of chemo so it's more tolerable. She is very knowledgeable with how massage can benefit people with cancer.

Kristin S. 9/4/18

I feel that I internalize my stress, which causes emotional and physical pain. Massage Therapy has helped me relax and physically get rid of that pain and stress, allowing my soul to breathe and have peace. After a massage, I feel very happy and I see things in a different light. Sindi is very good at incorporating the mind into the massage. She also includes the small detail of heat, enhancing the relaxation.

Krista G. 8/31/18

I came to Sindi with migraines and headaches most days of the week. I have tried many other treatments -- from infusions to chiropractor adjustments, diet changes, yoga and more. Other than my migraines, my health has been great. After 1 treatment with Sindi, my headaches decreased. Then I added cupping to my service/massage because I was still having headaches regularly. Throughout my 4 treatments/massages with Sindi, I have only had a few headaches total. Going from multiple headaches and migraines each week to only a couple in over a month is amazing! On top of headaches, I have seen improvement in flexibility of my chest and shoulders and I feel like the breath I take is less restrictive, causing easier and deeper breaths. I've seen improvement with acne as well. Sindi has helped me and shown great interest in helping me get rid of my headaches. She is very personable, caring and one of the kindest persons/massage therapists.

Brad H. 6/15/18

Massage has helped me by staying in shape because my job requires a lot of lifting. Since I started massage therapy every four weeks, I haven't had any significant lower back pain or discomfort like I used to. Sindi has definitely helped me and takes the time to work on the areas needing attention. I appreciate her guidance to help me keep my back healthy with stretches I can do.

Suzanne H. 6/8/18

I have had a lot of back/neck pain and having regular massage has been invaluable. Not only for my painful areas, but for overall health and well-being. Sindi is amazingly intuitive. She gets at areas I didn't even know were trouble spots. She is a calming presence and I am so grateful she is sharing her gifts with me. I wish I could have a massage by Sindi everyday! Life is better when I take care of myself. Sindi has helped so much!

Mary W. 4/23/18

My muscles are so relaxed and if I have any pain, it is gone after a massage with Sindi or Jesse. The massage takes all the stress away and I am so relaxed afterwards. I usually don't do anything for the rest of the day. Sindi and Jesse have given me the best massages I have ever had!

Melinda R. 4/13/18

Massage therapy has made a huge difference in my neck and shoulder issues. The pain and tingling in my arm is completely gone within 4 months. Sindi listens to my concerns and needs. She makes suggestions that benefit my massage experience. I am very pleased with my experiences with her. I always considered massage therapy a luxury. Now I see it as a necessity to my overall well-being. I fully intend to continue with massage therapy.

Lyle G. 3/30/18

My biggest regret is that I waited this long to seek massage therapy for pain management. Sindi's treatment has been a godsend. In addition to providing terrific therapy, it is obvious she has great passion for pain relief and provides explanations that are understandable.

Leah S. 3/26/18

I look forward to pampering myself every month with the rush of daily activities, my massage with Sindi is like a retreat for my mind and body aches. She listens to your wishes and concerns. Sindi is genuinely concerned about your well-being, comfort and relaxation. Her energy is contagious and her passion for her work is evident.

Brittani L. 12/4/18

Receiving a massage from Sindi at Body Balance Massage isn't just a standard massage. The healing energy she's able to provide is amazing, unlike anywhere else I've been. When you enter the massage room, you're immediately put into a relaxed state of mind. I always leave rejuvenated, both mentally and physically. In addition, when I asked to be seen for a pinched nerve, she was able to fit me into her busy schedule that same day to provide me relief! You can tell they genuinely care about their clients!

Jessica F. 1/30/18

I had a very sore back for years and the massage therapy has done wonders. I have gone to a couple doctors and they have not helped. The big knot feeling in my back in now gone the majority of the time. Sindi has been the first person who has been able to help my back pain. She has been awesome at listening where the pain is and has focused on those areas. My body has not felt this good in a very long time!

Rebecca L. 1/19/18

Every two weeks, I get to spend some time to just take care of me. Sindi helps me do this by getting the stress knots out that I tend to build up over the week. The treatments are relaxing, better for my health and affordable. Sindi does cupping, which I had never done before. It helps release the knots in my upper back and is a very effective treatment. I was getting to the point where my doctor was prescribing muscle relaxers and I was getting light sensitive migraines at work. I haven't had one since I have been getting massage from Sindi every two weeks. Sindi is sweet, understanding and has an overall compassion to make someone feel better.

Mary J. 5/1/17

Sindi does such a wonderful job with her massages. She is very attentive, gentle and nurturing and always makes me feel important and cared for.

Jesse M. 5/8/17

Absolutely wonderful massage done by Sindi. Everything about the process, from the moment I came in to the time I left was clean, comfortable, relaxing and professional. I could literally feel all the tension, stress, negativity of a hard day's work leaving my body.