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Body Balance Signature Massage

Jesse or Sindi will use several techniques catered to your particular needs & preferences to stimulate circulation, soothe tight muscles, dissolve tension & leave you feeling only comfort & well-being. Light to firm pressure. Make this part of your monthly self-care. 30-90 minutes.....60-120

Side by Side / Couple's Massage

Choose the Signature, Sports, Medical or Prenatal Massage for each of you as you enjoy your treatment on separate tables within the same room. A great choice for significant others, siblings, friends, mom and daughter or anyone else who would like to share space with someone close to them for their treatment. 30-90 minutes.....120-240

Sports Massage

Athletes & those requiring deep tissue or cupping love this custom treatment to help prevent injuries, ease pain & enhance performance. 30-90 minutes.....60-120

Medical Massage

With Dubuque area’s only Certified Medical Massage Practitioners, you will receive expert treatment for your acute or chronic pains. 30-90 minutes.....60-120

Prenatal Massage

This is the perfect answer to those pregnancy pains of sciatica, sore hips, low back pain, achy feet, fluid retention, shoulder discomfort and overall tension & stress. At Body Balance Massage, we have a special pillow specifically designed for expectant mothers that will allow her to lay comfortably and safely on her tummy for her treatment. The perfect monthly self-care for an expectant Mom. 30-60 Minutes.....60-90

Sinus Rescue

Using reflexology, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, tapotement, essential oils & cold therapy, we will create a “vacuum” within your lymph system, to encourage the drainage of head, neck & throat congestion. This will allow a reduction of pressure & discomfort from seasonal allergies. This 90 minute treatment also includes a full-body massage with light to firm pressure.....150

Soul Reset

This ultimate treatment will reset your mind, body & spirit. Enjoy a 90 minute full-body, reiki-infused massage under a weighted blanket with sound healing, chakra balancing using special crystals & oils, Lomi Lomi & 10 minutes of private meditation. Includes 4oz bottle of our exclusive Smokeless Sage Spray.....150

Immunity Boost Massage

This 90 minute full-body massage uses the protective, immunity-boosting power of Thieves essential oil, traditional Swedish techniques, dry brushing, lymphatic drainage & reflexology to give your body extra protection from illness. You will also receive a 4 ounce bottle of our exclusive Immunity Boost spray to take home with you for continued support throughout the months to come. Highly recommended for cold and flu season or when traveling....150


This energy work session involves very little touch from the Practitioner, while receiving sacred Reiki energy. A 30 minute session from Jesse or Sindi will balance your chakras and provide a peaceful, calming healing to your soul and body. For the 60 minute "Master Session", Reiki Master, Sindi, will additionally perform a 20 day Master Healing so that your benefits and healing will continue for the following weeks.....75-150