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Pain Relief

At Body Balance Massage we are specially trained to address all of your painful symptoms and provide gentle relief.  Over time, many clients experience significant reduction and in some cases, complete resolution of their issues.  We approach pain with a multi-faceted approach.  First, we will do a very thorough consultation with you concerning your background, symptoms, issues, complaints and goals.  Then we will perform orthopedic testing to pin-point the sources of your discomfort.  After your first session, we will design a wellness plan for you to get your pain reduced and eventually eradicated in the fastest way possible.  Some common ailments that we treat with great success are:

Migraine headaches & Neck Stiffness

Plantar Fasciitis

Low Back & Hip Pain

Frozen Shoulder & Bursitis

Upper Cross & Lower Cross Syndrome


Fibromyalgia, Fatigue & Stress