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30 Minute Focused Area Massage

This treatment includes traditional Swedish techniques, deep tissue, cupping, TENS unit and medical massage to relieve pain, improve flexibility and clear knots and adhesions.....60

60-90 Minute Full Body Massage

This treatment provides relaxation and pain relief, while you enjoy a full body massage using Swedish techniques, deep tissue, cupping, TENS unit and medical massage. There is also time to focus on specific issues.....90-120

30-60 Minute Prenatal Massage

This is the perfect answer to those pregnancy pains of sciatica, sore hips, low back pain, achy feet, fluid retention and shoulder discomfort. At Body Balance Massage, we have a special pillow specifically designed for expectant mothers that will allow her to lay comfortably and safely on her tummy for her treatment.....60-90

30-60 Minute Reiki

This energy work session involves very little touch from the Practitioner, while receiving sacred Reiki energy. A 30 minute session from Jesse or Sindi will balance your chakras and provide a peaceful, calming healing to your soul and body. For the 60 minute "Master Session", Reiki Master, Sindi, will additionally perform a 20 day Master Healing so that your benefits and healing will continue for the following weeks.....60-90

30-90 Minute Side by Side Massage

This treatment is on two tables in the same room. The perfect choice for a couple, friends, siblings or a parent and child. Choose from 30 minutes of focused work on a specific area of concern to 90 minutes of full body relaxation and focused work. Any cupping, medical massage, deep tissue or TENS work is included at no additional charge.....120-240

90 Minute Immunity Boost Massage

This 90 minute treatment includes traditional Swedish techniques, dry brushing, lymphatic drainage and acupressure with a warmed Thieves blend infused oil. You will also receive a 4 ounce bottle of our Immunity Boost spray to take home with you for a continued boost throughout the months to come.....150

60 Minute Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage

You may choose from a 2 hand (one therapist) or 4 hand (two therapists) treatment with this sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Warmed oils and tribal music will clear your soul and provide healing on the cellular level. This is powerful energetic work, mixed with long, sweeping massage strokes that extend from your toes to your head. You will receive a 2 ounce bottle of our Smokeless Sage spray to take home with you.....125-250